Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics battery technology

When Li-ion batteries became commercially viable in the 1990’s and costs declined in the early part of this decade, a revolution was created in portable and mobile consumer electronics enabling new functionality and useable form factors. Tiny MP3 players, pocketable and affordable digital cameras, hi-definition camcorders, wireless stereo headsets, ebook readers, and portable games are all products enabled by the Li-ion generation of batteries.

With the latest breakthrough batteries from Enevate, new applications that are just getting to market can be even more compelling, and in some cases, useable for the first time with increased functionality. Color e-readers with larger screens and batteries that can last weeks instead of days, tablets that can last days instead of hours, digital cameras with acceptable hi-def video recording and playback times, stereo headsets that are no larger than wired earbuds of today, but give the freedom of wireless. Enevate’s technologies and roadmap products will enable these and many more next-generation consumer devices.