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In today’s mobile world, the smartphone has become ubiquitous. In recent years, smartphone sales have soared. And in many developing countries, a smartphone is the first computer—and the only Internet-connected device—for many users.

Users also continue to demand that next-generation smartphones not only have anytime, anywhere access, they must accommodate an endless list of must-haves, including bigger applications, higher resolution displays, faster processors, better and multiple cameras, always-on sensors, support for augmented and virtual reality…and more.

Even though today’s powerful smartphones get better every day, they still share a weakness: less than stellar battery life that often requires long charging times during the middle of the day. That’s about to change.

Through its innovative HD-Energy® technology, Enevate delivers ultrafast charging—in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee—with significantly increased battery energy density. Enevate does it without changing the mobile device’s power architecture or supporting ecosystem.

In recent tests, Enevate Li-ion batteries achieved 35-50% longer runtimes in smartphones than conventional Li-ion batteries.

With this pioneering technology, Enevate is perfectly placed to deliver what the worldwide market wants in next-generation smartphones—ultrafast charging and longer runtimes to accommodate users’ increasing expectations—in a sleek and thin form factor.

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