Smartphones are now a ubiquitous tool for consumers and business people around the world. Combining both business and personal life, smartphones with all their capabilities, have even become an extension of people’s identities.  Users demand that each new generation of advanced smartphones do more and become more relevant to their lives. Today, consumers and businesses must have access anywhere and anytime for a huge variety of applications, media, imaging, and sensors. The smartphones currently available are powerful and getting better every day, but they all share a weakness. Users want and like larger and higher resolution displays, faster and more processors, better cameras with more and larger pixels, more sensors that are always-on listening and sensing your needs, short range personal connectivity and long range cellular links, higher and higher bandwidth for media transfer and streaming, always more memory, and the list goes on and on.

It would be very exciting if we had batteries with 3 times the energy density of conventional Li-ion batteries today. With 3 times the energy density, smartphones and phablets could deliver multi-day use with always-on functionality. Smartphones that are connected, sensing and working 24/7 even while users sleep or engaged in any part of their normal day. Processors with cores that are always-on running compute-intensive algorithms on data from multiple sensors, like the cameras, microphones, GPS, accelerometers, compass, gravity, light, and motion sensors that are in every smartphone.

Enevate with its HD-Energy® Technology is working to significantly increase the battery energy density for smartphones, without needing a change in its power architecture or supporting ecosystem, and eliminating to a large extent the classic tradeoff of size and power. Enevate, without changing a thing except the battery, plans on increasing your energy, runtime, and functionality while keeping the smartphone sleek and thin. Today, you can increase your energy by 30% and it’s growing fast.

With the worldwide demand for more energy in smartphones growing all the time we’re perfectly placed to deliver what the market wants: more energy, smaller and thinner form factors, longer runtime, better technology.