Ultrathin PCs and Tablets

Ultrathin PCs and tablets fill the gap between less-than-portable desktops and heavier, bulkier laptops. These high-end devices feature an extremely thin and lightweight profile, along with uncompromising performance, long battery life, near instant-on and -resume capabilities, and fast storage—all in a cost-effective package.

Like smartphones, demand for more sophisticated functionality has driven an equally remarkable hunger for longer running batteries that can quickly be charged on the fly.

Enevate’s HD-Energy® cells meet the demands of today’s power-hungry devices. Our first battery products deliver 30% higher energy density with more than 800 Wh/L cells expected in the following generation—everything needed to power today’s functionality, plus the features and capabilities not yet considered.

For every idea that Enevate makes possible today, innovators and engineers come up with ten more that demand increased power tomorrow. Partner with Enevate to innovate together.

Ultrathin PCs - Tablets

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