Enevate Corporation is an energy storage startup located in warm and sunny Southern California, focused on developing and delivering rechargeable Li-ion batteries with ultra-high energy densities using novel battery materials and architectures. Applications for these batteries include smartphones, cellular handsets, wearable and portable devices in consumer electronics, medical, and industrial/military market segments. Enevate is venture funded and was founded in 2005 as a spinout from UC-Irvine. As a startup, the work setting is challenging and dynamic in a tightly knit and diverse team environment. Enevate offers the opportunity to join in the early stage of a company and contribute at all levels to make an impact.  More information can be found at www.enevate.com.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement new processes that meet customer performance requirements and launch products from these processes
  • Identify opportunities to improve reliability and reduce labor, scrap or material costs, and implement those changes
  • Create work procedures and documentation to ensure repeatable and quality production of products
  • Troubleshoot and resolve processing issues related to new product startup and to commercialized products
  • Work closely with project teams and value streams in order to design robust products/processes
  • Drive root cause analysis and implement solutions when assembly processes, test or calibration processes drift from control
  • Communicate effectively with internal and external customers to define requirements and specifications
  • Coordinate projects in an effective manner employing the following criteria: properly define the opportunity, identify acceptable measurements of customer needs, analyze data to discover solutions, improve solutions to close performance gap, and develop systems to control and monitor long term results
  • Drive internal and external teams to meet technical, requirements
  • Effectively drive cross—functional teams (to solve product / process issues impacting product or delivery performance)
  • Use six sigma techniques to identify causes of variation and implement controls that eliminate reoccurrence
  • Support sourcing activities to replace end of life components, implement cost reductions, and/or develop suppliers
  • Support company scorecard by contributing to team efforts that strive to guarantee quality, minimize cost, meet delivery promises, maintain processes, and work safely
  • Work within an established ISO 9001 compliant documentation system, documenting all changes to products or processes

Qualifications Required (Education, Experience, Skills, Etc):

  • MS in engineering/science field or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of experience in product development/process engineering/ process development
  • Ability to apply engineering and scientific principles to resolve problems and make improvements
  • Capable of working in a flexible, often shifting, environment
  • Ability to interact effectively with customers, management team and production personnel
  • Business knowledge of cost/benefits analysis, project management
  • Strong understanding of manufacturing environments, processes and procedures
  • Design of experimentation and gauge R&R knowledge
  • Experience with test equipment and test techniques to provide support to production
  • Experience with Design for Testability, Lean Manufacturing techniques, Quality Systems, and SPC tools
  • Strong background in interpretation of Engineering drawings / specifications, and manufacturing process planning / evaluation
  • Experience with data bases and statistical software
  • Experience leading and being a contributing member of cross functional teams
  • Strong analytical & problem solving skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with experience in technical writing and procedure development

Qualifications Preferred:

  • Six Sigma experience a plus
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally
  • Project management experience