The Enevate Innovation

Enevate has discovered new materials and processing that have enabled a larger performance jump within the Li-ion battery ecosystem than the previous capacity innovations that required wholesale changes to battery chemistry and platforms (charging and management electronics, manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure). Enevate can leverage the existing Li-ion ecosystem while providing a 2X increase in rechargeable battery energy density – both volumetrically and gravimetrically (by size and by weight)

This breakthrough also enables Enevate to bring the technology to market in a capital efficient manner.

Energy Density Comparison

Enevate’s 1st Technology Breakthrough

In 2009, the company developed a breakthrough monolithic high capacity with 3X the anode energy density as compared to conventional anodes. This development has been the culmination of over 3000 compositions of proprietary materials and process that led to this new material architecture. The new monolithic composite anode combined with the overall battery cell architecture enables high storage density, structural integrity, and electrical conductivity. The high electrical conductivity also allows for a substantial reduction or elimination of the current collector (typically a copper foil) used within the anode.

Closeup SEM photo of new material structure used in Enevate Li-ion batteries

Enevate’s breakthrough monolithic composite anode with high energy capacity in super thin form factors