Over a quarter century ago, a team of scientists made breakthroughs to replace conventional materials in rechargeable batteries, revolutionizing consumer electronics and helped change the world with portable devices.  Decades later, we’re repeating history with a new set of breakthroughs.  We’re convinced that the full promise of advanced smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin and hybrid laptop PCs, drones, wearables, and other next-gen portable consumer electronics will only occur using advanced Li-ion batteries that can deliver significantly higher energy densities and ultrafast charging.

Enevate has attracted a team of world-class scientists, engineers, and business and management talent who have developed and brought high-volume components to production in the electronics industry.

Enevate is hiring a number of positions key to our continued advanced battery development plans.  We’re looking for start-up experience.  We’re looking for innovators.  We’re looking for really smart and dedicated people that are passionate about revolutionizing the mobile electronics and energy storage industries.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these positions – and the immense satisfaction of being challenged and achieving great results with hard work, dedication, and by working with a team of very smart people.

To apply for a job opening, please email your resume to  Please ensure the job requisition number for the specific position of interest is included in the email header.

We are currently searching for applicants for: