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Enevate delivers the ultrafast charging and longer runtimes of tomorrow within today’s standard Lithium-ion (Li-ion) ecosystem. Patented HD-Energy® breakthrough technology delivers 4X more silicon anode energy density than conventional graphite anodes used in Li-ion batteries and efficient fab-light process innovations ensure OEMs can quickly go to market.

These cells offer ultrafast charging—up to 5X faster than today’s “fast-charge” Li-ion batteries and 8X faster than conventional batteries. They also deliver up to 50% longer runtime over same-sized conventional batteries. Plus, they’ve undergone rigorous testing and have been certified to multiple industry standards for safety.

Longer runtimes, ultrafast charging

In today’s pervasively mobile world, smartphone users continue to demand next-generation features—features that demand next-generation battery technologies. Through its innovative HD-Energy® technology, Enevate Li-ion batteries deliver up to 50% longer runtimes than conventional Li-ion batteries and 8X faster charging—often in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee and without changing the power architecture of smartphones or the manufacturing ecosystem.

Ultrathin profile, long battery life

PC laptop users continue to demand increasingly sophisticated functionality. But they don’t want to sacrifice portability. Enevate Li-ion batteries, via its innovative HD-Energy® technology, provide 4X more energy density in an extremely thin and lightweight package. The result? Sleek, ultrathin devices with long battery life that deliver uncompromising performance, near instant-on and -resume capabilities, and fast storage—all in a cost-effective package.

Maximum portability, long battery life

Like ultrathin PC users, tablet users want maximum functionality in the smallest possible package. They also want longer running batteries that can quickly be charged on the fly. Enevate’s HD-Energy® cells deliver up to 50% longer runtimes than conventional Li-ion batteries and charge up to 90% in 15 minutes—8X faster than conventional batteries and more than 5X faster than the best “fast-charge” Li-ion batteries.

Light and portable, longer flights

Today’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—or drones—are getting smaller, lighter, and more sophisticated with advances in aerodynamics and range of flight, sensor and instrumentation platforms, and emergency backup power. Enevate’s fast-charging Li-ion batteries with HD-Energy® technology can pack large amounts of energy into very light packages for longer flight times, and are currently in development and testing to meet the demand for UAV/drone applications.

Ultralight and infinitely wearable

The market for wearable technologies continues to soar, offering powerful opportunities for innovation. Enevate’s HD-Energy® technology will power these miniature game-changers—from smartwatches and fitness bands to glasses and advanced headsets to innovations yet to come. Our smaller, lighter batteries pack greater energy density than any other cell available, helping wearables deliver the increased functionality and data-driven sensors that provide meaningful insights to users.

Fast charging, long running

Electric vehicles (EVs) have some of the most stringent battery requirements of any application: extreme temperatures, ironclad reliability, long life, fast charging, and most of all, high energy density by both weight and volume. Batteries with Enevate’s HD-Energy® technology are currently under development in the lab—our ultrafast charging capabilities can also be used during regenerative braking—to help charge the growing demands of the EV industry.

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