Electric Vehicles

Imagine if an electric vehicle (EV) could be charged in 15 minutes. Ride sharing and autonomous EV fleets would be more efficiently utilized with less cars needed as a smaller number of cars would be parked at recharging stations. Ultrafast charging batteries could also lead to less costly EVs with smaller and lighter battery packs. This would lead to lower overall costs all around.

EVs have some of the most stringent battery requirements of any application: extreme temperatures, ironclad reliability, long life, fast charging, and most of all, high energy density by both weight and volume.

Batteries with Enevate’s HD-Energy® technology are currently under development in the lab to help charge the growing demands of the EV industry. For example, our ultrafast charging capabilities can also be used during regenerative braking when very fast charging is required. That means that when an electric or hybrid vehicle goes downhill or brakes, the battery is charged very quickly at high currents.

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