eBoost Feature

Up to 50% More Total Battery Capacity with eBoost Feature

To maximize cycle life, Enevate Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries deliver cycling to 3.3V cutoff for everyday use with up to 25% capacity increase via its patented HD-Energy® Technology. When the eBoost feature is activated, the battery can be further discharged to as low as 2.75V cutoff. This unique feature provides up to 25% additional energy, for a total battery capacity of up to 50% more over a conventional Li-ion battery of the same size.

eboost battery feature li-ion battery comparison
eboost battery li-ion

When the battery approaches the 3.3V cutoff and the fuel gauge is low, eBoost can be activated by either the user or the system. Once activated, the reserve capacity continues to discharge the battery below 3.3V, to as low as 2.75V, instantly increasing capacity. Potential applications can include:

  • Making or receiving emergency calls.
  • Extending mobile device runtime when participating in a web/audio/video meeting or on an important call.
  • Extending the runtime for GPS location data when lost or the tracking data of missing persons. For example, as battery capacity nears empty, a smartphone button can be pressed to automatically engage the eBoost feature. All energy is then prioritized to support GPS tracking and either cellular data or SMS to send out coordinates.

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