Longer Runtime

Up to 50% Longer Runtimes than Conventional Batteries

Enevate Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells can power up devices to meet users’ needs for true all-day or multiple-day runtimes under normal or heavy use—even without turning off or “managing” some features. In fact, in recent tests, smartphones powered with Enevate HD-Energy® Technology cells delivered 35-50% more runtime when compared to conventional batteries.


Two Android smartphones with removable battery packs of same exact size and rated to 3.0V cutoff—one with conventional 3180 mAh graphite from a major Japanese Li-ion battery manufacturer vs. Enevate 4600 mAh —were tested on the AT&T 3G/4G network.

runtime comparison longer runtime conventional pack
Battery Capacity and runtime comparison hd-energy li-ion battery

Enevate’s silicon-dominant batteries deliver more capacity and have significantly lower resistance than conventional graphite cells for 35-50% longer runtime. In addition, Enevate’s silicon-dominant conductive composite film anode allows for disproportionately longer runtimes due to the unique characteristics of the anode, including fast reaction kinetics of lithium and silicon at the atomic level.

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