Ultrafast Charging Technology

8X Faster Charge over Conventional Batteries,
5X Faster than the Best “Fast-Charge” Li-ion Batteries

Advanced Enevate HD-Energy® Technology batteries charge to 90% in just 15 minutes, and 50% in just over 5 minutes—8X faster than conventional batteries and more than 5X faster than the best “fast-charge” batteries. Unlike conventional Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, where the available capacity degrades the faster you charge, Enevate batteries hold their charge even with significantly faster charging.

battery cells ultrafast charging lithium plating

Due to lithium plating on the anode surface, conventional graphite cells fade quickly when charged at high rates—that is, the available battery capacity degrades after just a few charge and discharge cycles—when charged at high rates or high current.

The HD-Energy cell design has excess capacity in the anode—the anode voltage is higher than a graphite anode in a conventional cell when fully charged—so that Enevate’s cells can support higher rates of charge without lithium plating. Enevate cells have been tested to charge at 4C and cycle well, while top-tier conventional graphite cells fade quickly even when charged at only a rate of 2C. This is due to lithium plating causing early death in the graphite cells.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Enevate as the
Li-ion Battery Technology Innovation Leader.

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